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Aristocracy Interview 176 With Japanese Band Alphoenix

Line Up:

Thor On Vocal

Shimpei On Vocal/Guitars

Yuki On Guitars

Bitoku On Bass

Shohei On Drums

Well,Friends Of Aristocracy!

We speak again of our newsroom. Where in a little while, we will have in all its emotions, the interview 176 of the Aristocracy.As we talked about during the day, we will now begin the night interview of Aristocracy. This debut takes place with a band that shows intensity, aggressiveness and a dramatic force beyond an aggressive melody.We're talking about the Japanese Alphoenix. They show us their second full album entitled Evil Ways.We want to say a big thank you to the band, not only for answering our humble but important questions, but for the musical work done and the Polish producers at Solid Rock for introducing us to the band.That done, let's go to one of their songs so that this exclusive and unprecedented interview to a Brazilian page begins.

A1:Talking about the composition work in Evil Ways?

Alphoenix:Alphoenix has been producing sound sources remotely since before the pandemic.

During the production of the last album, "Final Crusades," the recording was done at home and all compositional exchanges were online.The previous work was produced remotely with Ettore Rigotti (Disarmonia Mundi) in 2016.This method involves recording the files in Japan and sending them to Ettore in Italy for finishing.This style of production became more common for Covid-19.Evil Ways" was produced in a similar way.The exception to this is the recording of Thor and Shohei, which was done by me in the studio with my own equipment.

The production period is from the beginning of 2022 to early spring.Engineered by Jonas Kjellgren from Sweden.

A2:What Evil Ways inspire this album?

Alphoenix:Initially, this "EVIL WAYS" was tentatively titled "HELL".We had envisioned a dark side perspective and songs about hell in this world,conspiracies, domination, brainwashing, war, etc.However,during the production process, a gap emerged between the initial concept and the actual product or rather the direction we wanted to go, so we changed the direction. The keywords and issues remained dark, but the concept was changed to one that was more on the light side of the same theme, one that would allow negative emotions to burn as fuel. I think that this shift back and forth between evil and good has given the music a more lively feel.

A3:How does the band marry metalcore into Melodic Death Metal when making their songs?

Alphoenix:We combine developments that go back and forth between melodic death metal and metalcore in a single song. Our music may have different parts that leave a lasting impression on different listeners.The most challenging song on this album is "Hell's Lord".

A4:What structural features band doing in this album?

Alphoenix:We actively sing in Japanese as well as English.The members do not just play the completed songs together, but we tailor the songs to each member's individuality.

A5:How band arrive to Spiritual Beast Records?

Alphoenix:Spiritual Beast released the last album by the band MYPROOF, which Thor and I were in before Alphoenix.Unfortunately, MYPROOF has disbanded, but we are happy to be back with Spiritual Beast.

A6:Why the band have this name?

Alphoenix:It is a combination of Alpha and Phoenix. It also means from α through Ω to end in x.

A7:What is the savior that the band refers to in the second song?

Alphoenix:This owl is depicted in the artwork of the single. When you call for help, a flame-clad owl flies down from the sky.I thought it was a bit too stereotypical melodeath as a song, but I wanted to try this kind of song in Alphoenix, so I wrote this song. The title of the album is "Evil Road" without clean vocals, fast, blast beats, and the image is that of royal road melodic death metal.

A8:What kind of subject don´t deserve a Alphoenix song?

Alphoenix:What is it? I would like to try many things, but I may not deal with sexual or religious material.

A9:What experimental elements band doing in this album?

Alphoenix:This time, an instrumental called "Time Gears" is included as a Japanese edition bonus track.As a result, songs with vocals are also prominent. We can't keep doing the same thing over and over again, so we are not afraid to take new options for the third album.

A10:What is Aegis?

Alphoenix:The name was taken from "Aegis Reflector," a special move of the character Julian from Capcom's "Street Fighter" fighting game series.It is a powerful defensive and offensive move, and I thought it fit the metal music title.

A11:What´s the idea behind artwork´s album?

Alphoenix:It represents a lamb that has grown up and is bent on revenge after a wolf kills its family.The theme is based on the picture book "Tin of Chirin" by Takashi Yanase.

A12:If evil exists, should we question the existence of good?

Alphoenix:There is no doubt about it.

A13:This album is conceptual?

Alphoenix:"The Evil Way", which is also the title of the album, is based on Takashi Yanase's picture book "Tin of Chillin", which is a sad story about a lamb whose family is killed by a wolf and falls into the desire for revenge. I wanted to incorporate elements of my hometown into the band, which many metal bands around the world practice, and I am glad that I was able to accomplish this with the inspiration of a Japanese picture book.

A14:Who is the Hell of Lord in band´s song? Satan?

Alphoenix:I am not going to talk about conspiracy theories, but I think you can imagine the Lord of them, considering what is going on in this world today.

A15:The band feel differences between Final Crusades and now in Evil Ways?

Alphoenix:I like the digital, tight sound, which is also loud, but I did that on the last album, so I took a different approach this time. Jonas, our engineer, is also a big reason for this. He has made many traditional European heavy metal albums, so he presented a sound very smooth and close to my image. Melodic death metal is a bit difficult to talk about separately from the guitar solos and the melodies played on the guitar, since the lead guitar often continues to sound even in the background of the vocals, but we focused on the music anyway. If I felt a phrase was unnecessary after listening to the whole song, I would reject it. On the other hand, if I felt that even a simple note was not right, I would replay it over and over again, and so on.

A16:What is Blaq Road?

Alphoenix:It is a road that a certain man is still walking. It is a road that is pitch black and no destination can be found. Q is questioning.

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